June 14, 2017 — My Grammie was always a bastion of feminine strength and determination. I am reposting this blog entry because my Grammie passed away unexpectedly late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. My Grammie was always determined to have a great life no matter the odds. I may not have agreed with her politics, but I’m not living in small-town USA either. I will always love you Grammie. Continue reading

Week 22: Pinterest Fail

February 17, 2017 — After last week’s visitation fiasco with my daughter’s father, he and I are both trying hard to be more communicative. Still, I find it incredibly painful to see the ghosts of our relationship during my exchanges with him. I talk to Mario about it, because I know that he understands (and he’s my best friend). We talk about how we have to let our respective exes find their way without us. Continue reading

Milestone: Moving Day Is Almost Here!

May 24, 2017 — Dear Reader, This time next week I am getting on an airplane with a one-way ticket to Florida. Mario has sold, donated, trashed the entire contents of his house and will be packed and waiting. I will land, get in his car and we will drive to Savannah for the night. Then we will hopefully stop near Raleigh, NC and D.C. for a couple days. Finally, the last leg takes us to NYC! Continue reading

Week 20: My First Fascination

dreamsdon'tworkunlessyou do

February 4, 2017 — I’m circling LaGuardia waiting for Mario’s plane. The traffic is a nightmare because of construction at the airport. I’m bumper to bumper and involved in a heated Facebook exchange about politics and the recent immigration ban. Mario messages me that *maybe* I’m a tad worked-up. I want to throat-punch the traffic cop who keeps whistling at me to move the car. @*#$%! Ok, maybe I’m a *tad* worked-up… Mario finally makes it to the car and we zoom to my house. We start to cuddle and just as he kisses me BAM. BAM. BAM. The construction guys doing renovations next door decide to get loud. #citylife Continue reading

Week 19: Jake The King

January 30, 2017 — Since I’ve been traveling to see Mario, my daughter has spent a few nights each month with my ex-husband (aka NOT her father). Struggling with what to call this relationship, he dubbed himself “Uncle Jake.” As you can tell, my ex-husband and I have an exceptional co-parenting relationship. We live in the same neighborhood and he’s over frequently for breakfasts and to round the kids up for school. One morning he walks in: “Zuzu,” he calls to my daughter (her favorite nickname). “Zuzu, who am I?” Jake asks. “Uncle Jake, the King!” she exclaims with two-year-old glee. My six- and eight- year old sons crack up laughing. Continue reading