Week 7: Beautiful God of War

Riding high on life this week after Mario's amazing (sex-filled) visit, I decide to get a tattoo. I always tell people there are two rules in life: don't co-sign on a student loan, and don't get a tattoo of your spouse's name! I decide I don't give a fuck. On the eve of what I think will be the election of a woman president, I get a tattoo that means "beautiful defender of the people," and also it spells "Mario Cho."

Week 2: More “Coffee” Please

We had more coffee -- and by coffee I mean mind-blowing sex for hours standing up in his office (he physically picked me up while standing in the middle of the office - wow!) and on his desk. Afterwards we sit together on a single chair and cuddle. "This feels so comfortable, but so intense," he says. "How do we make this into more when there's a thousand miles between us?" We agree this is something amazing.