Week 17: The Long Drought

January 13, 2017 — Three weeks and three days, or 576 hours, since I last saw Mario. Another week until I see him for the Women’s March. We are both going crazy with sexual frustration and anticipation. We have long dirty conversations on the phone. Pictures are exchanged. I start to feel like he’s not a real person, just some manufactured image on a phone screen. Long-distance is difficult, especially when you are still haunted by past relationship mistakes. Continue reading

Week 15: Year Of The Fire Cock

December 31, 2016 — Ready to kiss this year goodbye! Friends and family share how done we collectively feel with 2016. I write to express my journey so far, after all, if I hadn’t worked hard to heal, I might have missed out on Mario. My kids are still out of school, so I read up on the new year (2017 is the Chinese year of the “fire cock”!) and feng shui. Continue reading

Week 14: Ghosts of Christmas Past

December 25, 2016 — Erin is out of town. Jake and I decide that he’ll come to my house for the morning. While we are great friends, there is nothing quite like spending several hours with your ex-husband on your sofa to remind you of why things didn’t work out. He makes fun of my hair. He makes fun of my breakfast (though admittedly I burnt it to a crisp). The kids have a great time and make a huge mess. Jake takes our boys to the playground and my daughter spends the afternoon with her dad. I’m alone. Continue reading

Week 13: My Full House

December 17, 2016 — Back in New York and I’m ready for the holidays. I have all the gifts bought and wrapped. NYC is alive with decorations and tourists. I’m excited because Mario planned a last-minute getaway to come up. But first, his best friend Matt — as well as Matt’s son and Mario’s 16-year-old son — are staying with me to see the sights. My house is full of people. Matt is over 6-feet tall. He and the boys are tired from the flight, so I take them to get some NYC pizza and see the tree at 30 Rock. Continue reading

Week 11: Vagina In My Oven

December 5, 2016 — On returning from my Thanksgiving trip, I find that things in my house are misplaced. Some kitchenware is missing. Some wine is gone from the pantry. And my vibrator is missing a battery — also the switch is broken. I confront my ex-boyfriend, who later admits that he broke it and took the wine. I had asked him to feed the cat while I was in Minnesota. So I guess that involved riffling through my stuff. Continue reading

Week 10: All The Scotch

November 27, 2016 — Being a single parent has so many benefits: I get to make day-to-day lifestyle decisions on my own. My kids have a more intimate relationship with me (one-on-one) and are learning to be independent. They see me clearly handling the household chores, so they pitch-in. They appreciate.

The drawbacks to single parenting, however, can be huge — take travel for example. Me & three kids at the airport for the Thanksgiving trip to Minnesota. There’s no sitting down. There’s no reading on the plane. There’s nothing but keeping my eyes on three moving targets until we jump into my dad’s waiting car. Continue reading