I like volleyball and long walks on the beach. Actually only one of those things are true.

As an introduction, I am a divorced divorce attorney in New York City. Before going to law school I worked in the oft-maligned news media as a reporter. Writing is one of my passions.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as I chronicle my way to re-bridedom and second marriagehood. Like what I did there? Oh, I have more words. The best words.

Most of what you read here is “true with flair” (otherwise known as “alternative facts” or writer’s prerogative, mainly to preserve real life identities or sensitive information but for the most part – fuck it – enjoy my life story).

One key fact that is 100% true: I’m getting married. I have never been in such a healthy relationship. I have found my best friend, my love and my partner. He has every quality that I admire, from his intense intelligence to his sensitive and thoughtful nature. He loves art. He’s into business. We talk for hours. We share much of the same aesthetic.  Also he’s handsome as fuck.

Follow my journey, from right before we met to where I’m at now in getting ready to re-enter married life.

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