Week 28: Dudes, Jackets and Shoes

March 30, 2017 — This week is hectic with court and kids. Obviously much is still to be decided about the wedding — not to mention the dress, shoes, the kids, the kids’ “outfits,” etc. — and I feel like we have a ton of time to work out these details. (I write that, but as I sit here in mid-July, I still don’t have things firmed up and I’m two-months out from our wedding date!) 

(Also, I did spend about 35 minutes debating whether to put a comma before the “and” in the title. I’m not comfortable with my choice but it was pragmatic based on headline writing style.)

I’m getting a pedicure when Mario sends me this pic:


Oh wow! I am so fucking lucky. ❤ Meow!

But then we get into a heated debate about the length and fit of men’s suit jackets. Ok, not really a “heated debate” more like a flurry of internet research-driven text exchanges about etiquette and men’s fashion. Here is the result:


“I’ve noticed something about lawyers,” says Mario. “They all have on HUGE suit jackets. Why is that?” Me: “IDK, maybe they are buying the DJT clothing line? Do they have HUGE ties too?” “No,” he says. “Maybe egos though…” Me: “Do they have itty-bitty hands?” 



Also – this next pic is my favorite regarding suit fit — just in case you/your man finds himself looking in the mirror with a bagged-out-hot-mess situation on his hands, this clarifies things (D’uh!):


Where am I going with this? Right. Shoes.

I have an idea that I want to wear amazing shoes with my dress. I think if I find the right shoes, maybe the whole thing will snap together (like magic! Shhh. It could happen!) I find a really cool company online (Hey Lady By The Leung Twins) that donates part of the purchase price to charity. You get to select where they donate! I love this idea. It’s like Toms Shoes but for weddings!

Here’s my favorite pair:


“Champagne Goggles;” Pic credit to the website: http://heylady.co/product/champagne-goggles/

Oooh – I love it! But, of course they are sold out! They do have a dark navy. I think it may be too dark.

I get a couple discount pair of baby blue shoes from Modcloth.com.

Meh. They are very pale. But also super comfy. I stick them in the back of my closet, where they still sit … waaayyyy past the return date. I may or may not wear them (right now, I’m on the fence and I’m running out of time. Don’t worry — it’s cool — I’m just going to breathe into this paper bag a minute, ok?)

All the wedding shoes I find online are super high heel. I don’t really want to look super tall – I’m already a good height. I could be taller, but whatever. Also, I want to be able to walk on that day and subsequent days thereafter.

I tell Mario about my shoe search. In true form, the way only dudes can, he contrasts his own shoe search: he found a place online (Undandy) that makes custom Men’s shoes:

96113At times like these, I’m pretty glad that I’m not a dude. Can you imagine — can you even? — if I found a website dedicated to allowing me to design and tinker with custom shoes that I could then order and wear?! ❤ ❤ ❤ I would probably starve while sitting at the computer! I’d also be broke. I mean, the Zappo’s app is bad enough!

I wonder what other shoes are rotting in the back of my closet right now with those powder blue ones?



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