Week 26: Adventures In The City Office

March 17, 2017 — Mario and I are set to have a fun weekend together when a good friend (and fellow single mom) Casey asks me to help out on an intense trial involving an international custody dispute. I can’t resist a trial opportunity that doesn’t involve me dealing with a painful pre-trial build-up.

As a result, I have a whirlwind visit to Orlando and then race back to the city for a weekend meeting with Casey and her client. Trial is an intense experience, particularly when you feel the burden of where a child will live and how much your client will see their kid.

Most parents in custody fights are good parents, they’ve just forgotten how to share; they’ve forgotten that their anger at the other parent isn’t shared by their child. Most kids just want a schedule that looks fair to both mom and dad. That’s hard to provide when one parent decides to live in Europe.

I get the sense that most judges prefer not to decide where your child will live and what the schedule of your life will look like. One judge in Queens likes to compare court to having a stranger in the park run up and decide your marital disputes. Parents are better off when they can work out what they believe is fair for their family.

At any rate, we get locked into three days of grueling and intense work at the Supreme Court in Manhattan. I’m there to take notes, provide back-point support and insight. During breaks I send Mario pictures:

Casey and I make through with great results: the parents work out a settlement that gives their kid the best of both worlds. But the experience makes me want to expand my office from Astoria and add a city office. I’ve been looking at spaces, but crack down and pull the trigger on a space on 55th Street.

And then, I hyperventilate about the cost:

I breathe in a bag for a few minutes and talk to Mario about it. He assures me that I’ve picked the right space. “How can you say that?” I ask. “You haven’t even seen it yet.” “I know,” he answers. “But look what’s on the corner from your new building”:

Hopefully this new space will also reflect my new luck in love. If wedding planning wasn’t enough, now I’m obsessively looking at office furniture in my “free time.”

Two office locations: #divorcelawyer level up.

A huge benefit of the Manhattan location is the shopping (ok – this is also a detriment to my wallet!) I’m right between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas. One of my favorite shops is around the corner.

Maybe this will make wedding dress shopping easier? Or maybe I’m going to spend my wedding budget on shoes… 👠👢👡

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