This Just In: Second Engagement & Survey!

April 24, 2017 — My ex-husband Jake asked his girlfriend Erin to marry him over the weekend! My kids are super excited (because they love her) and immediately began planning when she should have a baby — uh, yeah, they did!

“Do you think Dad and Erin will have a boy or a girl? Because I don’t want another sister,” says Ozzie (age 6). My oldest Hayd, age 8, quickly says: “I don’t want any more babies around here,” motioning to my daughter. “But I guess a boy would be ok. Are we going to his wedding?” Me: “Well, you’ll probably be in the wedding and need to wear a special outfit.” “Oh no,” he stammers, “I am not wearing an outfit!”

“When are they getting married?” they demand. “Next May,” I tell them. I’m not sure exactly, but I know they have the venue through a family friend and it’s going to be an amazing farm wedding. “It will probably be a bunch of people and dancing,” I explain. We talk about what happens at a wedding and how there will probably be a lots of people attending that are friends or family. And, yes, I’ll be there with Mario.

“Mom, when are you getting married?” My kids have shown about as much interest in this as dirt. (Actually, they’d probably be interested in dirt.) Laundry then — they ignore my complaints about the tons of laundry I do every week and putting away their clothing, well forget it!

We are planning to get married in September, just the two of us. Oz is upset: “But I want to come to your wedding!” I’m surprised. “You’d need to wear an outfit,” I tease him, not sure what to say. “I don’t care,” he responds resolutely. “I’ll wear all the outfits, but I want to go to your wedding.” Hayd: “Well I don’t want to go to any weddings if I have to wear an outfit – so you can go without me!” Of course my two-year-old chimes in: “I want outfit!” she laughs.

Looks like Mario and I may have to change our plans for a small two-some wedding.

What do you think? Take my survey and let us know: Go Big or Go to Vegas?

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