Week 9: Back In Your Heart

November 20, 2016 — I’m in Florida for a Christmas charity ball after an intense week involving another court appearance for the Real Housewives case. Every hearing has involved multiple reporters watching my arguments. This is exciting personally and professionally. Still, I’m ready for a break and I’m excited to see Mario. I’m relaxed and we have a full schedule of parties to attend.

First, we go pick up his suit and it may need some more alterations, because he’s built like a professional football player. I think he got taller and more sexy since the last time I saw him. I don’t even understand it.


Next, we have a friend’s surprise birthday party to attend. Many of the friends that Mario grew up with in Florida are there. He’s nervous because the last party he went to involved his ex-wife having too much to drink and causing a scene. I meet his friends and try to be the opposite of his last party experience. We chat and have fun. Another party-goer asks how long we’ve been married. We laugh.

For my birthday, one of his friends paints a watercolor that Mario commissions as my present. The painting is based off a line in a poem that I wrote. It is such an amazing and thoughtful gift. I love it.

This is us at the birthday party:


The next day, I get my hair done while he patiently waits. A little girl at the salon shows him a three-dimension art pen that she got. He’s so great talking to kids. He decides to buy some art pens for our toy donation to the ball. We need to bring two toys of at least $50 or more, on top of the ticket price he’s already paid. This is getting expensive. Lucky for me back in September I scored this amazing DVF black and gold dress. Mario gets a tie to “complement,” but not match. Finally, we are ready to have fun at the ball.

Damn he looks so sexy in his suit. I think he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. The ballroom is packed. We work the crowd, get some drinks and dance. We mingle with people we know and people we don’t — the music is loud and the floor is packed. We spot a party photo-booth set up. Result? Best photos ever:


Mario takes out his phone and records himself singing Jackson Five while we dance. Then later, he signs off. I can’t remember when I’ve had such a good time.


After the ball, we have scotch and start undressing each other. We make love so intensely that I cry. He pulls me close and then we take a shower together. He kisses me so sweetly that any doubts I have about our relationship are gone.

I am so in love with this man. In the shower, I run soap-suds over his body and start stroking him until he’s hard again. He pulls me onto him and we have sex standing in the shower. The next day we are both a little hung-over and sore, but I have to catch a flight back to New York. Leaving him behind is so incredibly hard.

We make plans for a trip after Thanksgiving. Mario starts efforts to wind up his business and merge with another group so that his employees will still have jobs after he moves. We talk business. We talk logistics about the move, the kids, our life. When I look at his face, I can see into the future. I can see him when we are 80.

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