REBLOG: Week 20: Still Searching for “The Dress”

dreamsdon'tworkunlessyou do

February 4, 2017 — I’m circling LaGuardia waiting for Mario’s plane. The traffic is a nightmare because of construction at the airport. I’m bumper to bumper and involved in a heated Facebook exchange about politics and the recent immigration ban. Mario messages me that *maybe* I’m a tad worked-up. I want to throat-punch the traffic cop who keeps whistling at me to move the car. @*#$%! Ok, maybe I’m a *tad* worked-up… Mario finally makes it to the car and we zoom to my house. We start to cuddle and just as he kisses me BAM. BAM. BAM. The construction guys doing renovations next door decide to get loud. #citylife Continue reading

Week 31: Divorce Means Failure?

April 21, 2017 — What does it mean to fail — to be a failure? A close friend tells me the other day how her divorce makes her “feel like a failure.” Her personality is assertive — she’s a corporate litigator after all — she doesn’t like to lose. “But now I’ve failed at marriage. I feel like a failure at life,” she says.

Does divorce mean that you’ve failed?

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Week 30: Can Kids (Ever) Be Alone?

April 14, 2017 — This is spring break and I take my three kids to Florida. At the airport, we luck out and find friends headed to Florida on the same flight. #singlemomtravelwin When we get to Orlando, Mario picks us up. He’s traded-in his sleek silver BMW for a large truck that can fit all of the kids. This is the first time our kids are meeting (although they’ve been on Facetime for weeks). Let’s see how our parenting styles mesh, shall we?

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Week 29: Marshmallows & Wedding Shorts

April 7, 2017 — Have you ever put a marshmallow in the microwave? Well so far that is my experience with tulle. For me, tulle is now a love-hate relationship, just like gooey, hot marshmallow (mmmm — seriously why haven’t you put a marshmallow in the microwave yet? Stick it on top of a chocolate square a bit of graham-cracker and thank me later). I’m still looking for a dress that will be fluffy and fun, but also smooth and simple. Long and short, but also plain but with sparkle. You got that? Me either. I try on a bunch of sort-of-wedding-dresses but sort-of-casual-dresses.

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Week 28: Ode To My Ex-Husband (Letting Go Of Anger After Divorce)

March 30, 2017 — The best day of my life (so far) was not giving birth to my kids (even though I loved seeing their smooshy faces after each long nine-month pregnancy). It was not graduating with honors from law school. It wasn’t landing that big firm job (despite the $$$). It wasn’t starting my own firm when, years later, I was desperate to exit Biglaw. It was not even when the love of my life proposed (although that was a great day)!

The best day of my life was when my ex-husband said to me: “I never realized how much work you were doing. I didn’t realize how hard this is — work, kids, housework — you’ve been doing it all. I’m sorry.” Continue reading

Week 28: Dudes, Jackets and Shoes

March 30, 2017 — This week is hectic with court and kids. Obviously much is still to be decided about the wedding — not to mention the dress, shoes, the kids, the kids’ “outfits,” etc. — and I feel like we have a ton of time to work out these details. (I write that, but as I sit here in mid-July, I still don’t have things firmed up and I’m two-months out from our wedding date!)  Continue reading

Week 27: How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

March 24, 2017 — We safely made it through the Ides of March (yes, that is a “thing” for me) and now I’m looking for a wedding dress and figuring out logistics for the wedding day. Mario and I plan to get married in September and we both want a simple ceremony at the Courthouse followed by some fun pictures in Manhattan. Afterwards, we will jump on a plane and go somewhere exciting for a week without the kids! Easy-peasy right? How much does a wedding cost anyway?

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